NEW! Gregg Marshall Combo Offer!

NEW! Gregg Marshall Combo Offer!

$50.00 $79.95

Buy both DVDs "Early Offense and "Blobs" for $50.00!  Save nearly $30.00 on the pair.  OFFER GOOD THROUGH APRIL 18TH 2018

EARLY OFFENSE: Head Coach Gregg Marshall has turned Wichita State into one of the top basketball programs in America. Since 2010-11 Marshall has won an astounding 208 games against only 43 losses! In this video, learn Marshall's philosophy and approach to transition offense through a series of plays called "Quicks". If you are a college coach wanting to apply some new ideas to your transition offense, or a high school coach that wants to push the ball, or facing a rules change in your state with the implementation of the shot clock, this is an excellent choice for your coaching library. 56 Minutes

BLOBS: Wichita State Head Coach Gregg Marshall has guided his team to a record of 208-43 since the 2010-11 season. This video contains a virtual smorgasbord of BLOB (Baseline Out of Bounds) philosophy, man to man and zone plays PLUS several defensive situations vs. BLOBS. In addition, Coach Marshall adds several effective zone sets that you can easily implement with your ball club! 70 Minutes


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